PANDM Lab is located at the Psychology Department of The University of Hong Kong.



Our interdisciplinary research bridges affective science and clinical psychology to better understand the psychological and neural mechanisms of affective experiences and related mental health issues (primarily anxiety and depression).

To this end, a primary research theme of our team has focused on a fundamental aspect of affective science, namely the processing of emotional information.

Specifically, we investigate

1) how emotional information is encoded in the human brain,
2) how we make emotion-related perceptual decisions, and
3) finally, how alterations to neural systems relevant to emotion processing contribute to the development of psychopathology. 

To answer these questions, we employ cognitive/affective behavioural paradigms, and a variety of methods, including computational modelling, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), eye-tracking, and intracranial electroencephalography (iEEG).


Dr. Jin is considering MPhil/PhD student(s) in the current (2021-2022) application season. We are looking for people who are interested in taking on computationally heavy research projects.

Potential research topics/projects include:

  1. computational and neural mechanisms of basic emotion perception (active inference based modeling which may also involve EEG and (i)EEG and eye-tracking);

  2. model development —applying dynamic causal modeling in psychiatric nosology (modeling a longitudinal dataset involving psychosis and mood symptoms). 

Graduate students are considered as junior collaborators in our lab. Hence, you should be self-motivated, have independent thinking, and find the research process intrinsically rewarding. Applicants with relevant methodology backgrounds (e.g., psychology, neuroscience, mathematics, physics, statistics, computer science, engineering, etc.) are welcome to apply. It is NOT necessary to send Dr. Jin an enquiry email, as we review the application holistically. But if you do, please email frances.jin@hku.hk or pandmlab@hku.hk and state only 1) your research interest(s) and 2) methodology background. Interview(s) will be scheduled for shortlisted candidates during which you will get a chance to know our lab culture and Dr. Jin’s mentorship style.


Room 52, 6/F, Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong

Contact our PI: frances.jin@hku.hk